SEEDA Empowering Communities

SEEDA is a non-profit, non –governmental, and community-based organization. It was established in 2007 under the Act of the Ministry of Social Service as a volunteer organization. Apart from the Tsunami disaster, this area has been constantly and significantly affected by civil war in the last three decades. Most of the families are Farmers and fishermen in this Division. SEEDA's main objective is to support the community by providing sustainable Education with environmental concerns to live happily and protect the Environment. Further, the Periyakalppu Lagoon is a crucial ecosystem in the area. We are trying to restore the Mangroves to develop the lagoon's ecosystem and help thefishermen, as the Periyakalppu lagoon is the second-largest lagoon in Sri Lanka. Approximately 4000 families depend on this lagoon.

SEEDA will address all the contemporary problems on behalf of the community and find a suitable solution. Further, about 1500 active members of numerous backgrounds and abilities volunteer for SEEDA. We are more than willing to attend to enrich our vulnerable communities in a sustainable development manner .


Sustainable Futures, Empowered Villages


Our Mission is to empower rural villages by


The goal of Sudeesa is to improve the social and READ MORE...


"Empowering SEEDA (Socio-Environment Educational -Development Association): Climate Change Resilience, Environmental Support, and Optimal Calibration Moments"

SEEDA: Nurturing Education, Protecting Our Environment, Empowering Communities