SEEDA (Socio-Environment Educational -Development Association)

Registration Number:

TK/DS/ SW/VOR/R/14-2007









Divisional Secretariat



Main Road. Thambiluvil.01.Srilanka

Contact person

S.Vivekanantharajah- Raju Chairman



“Let’s ensure the protection of future generations and the safety of the  

                              present by safeguarding the  Environment.”

“To Strengthen and create a self-sufficient Society through sustainable             development with the Participation of every one of the community, “

Aims and Objectives

Target Area to work

Our Strengths

Background of SEEDA

SEEDA is a none Profitable, non –governmental, and community-based organization. It was established in 2007 under the Act of SocialServiceMinistry.

Apart from the tsunami disaster, this area has been constantly and significantly affected by civil war in the last three decades. Most of the families are Farmers and fishermen in this Division

SEEDA’s main objective is to support the community by providing sustainable Education with environmental concerns to live happily and protect the Environment. Further, the PERIYAKALPPU lagoon is this area’s most enormous ecosystem. We are trying to restore the Mangroves to develop the lagoon’s ecosystem and help the fishermen. Because the PERIYAKALPPU lagoon is the second-largest lagoon in Srilanka, 4000 fishermen of families depend on this lagoon.     Not only that, there are many families indirectly depending on the Ecosystem of PERIYAKALPPU

Presently, People in this area don’t have time to think about ecosystems and other factors because they struggle to survive and make a living. Moreover, they don’t know much about Environmental and Social issues due to a lack of Education

SEEDA will address all the contemporary problems on behalf of the community and find a suitable solution. Further, about 150 active members are volunteering for SEEDA, those who have numerous backgrounds and abilities. We are always ready to attend to enrich our vulnerable communities in a sustainable development manner

Furthermore, we promote social cohesion and gesture between the brotherhoods of all communities.

SEEDA’s Chairman  was nominated for the SAARC Youth Award -2009 for Humanitarian, and Natural Disaster works on behalf of Srilanka, and he acknowledged an Appreciation award from the SAARC-Secretariat, Kathmandu, in respect and recognition of his social service

Council of Justice Peace for Justice and Human Rights, Srilanka, awarded the

“KEERTHI SRI Award” in 2019 for his Social and       humanitarian activities. Also, he received MAHATMA GANDHI PEACE AWARD in 2019 for the Peace works that he carried out

IUCN-(International world conservation union)​

  • The CIDA-administered project and the central part of the project was the  Communication and Awareness component of the PTER Project

    We have conducted the following activities under thy PTERP project.

    • Educational Awareness program for schools
    • Educational Awareness program for stakeholders (Parents, fishermen)
    • Educational Awareness program for Teachers, Principals,
    • Programs for Divisional Secretariats as well as the local government official
    • Conducted various Competitions among the (Art, Wall painting, Debate, Essays)
    • Hung up 100 awareness banners (Digital and Cloth Banners)
    • Organized many Environmental Cleaning Campaigns with the Participation of students, teachers, parents, fisheries societies, women’s forums, and
    • Conducted various Environmental Awareness Programs at schools, Temples, and Community Organizations

CEJ -Center for Environmental Justice

Center for Environmental Justice is a public-interested Environmental Organization working in Law and Science. CEJ supports communities to redress their environmental problems through Mediation and Judiciary.

·       Conducted awareness programs on mediation,

·       Women Leadership, and Governance.
·       Relief Activities for flood victims in 2020
·       Implemented environmental and legal awareness in 2022
·       Program for the fisheries community.

GGF - Green Global Fund

Conducted an Educational Awareness program about Climate Change and its impacts on students in 2017

  • Art Competitions about Climate Change related issues
  • Debate program

National Academy of Sciences Sri Lanka

  • Organized Science subject-based research DVD programs in the Akkaraipattu and Thirukkovil Educational Zones
  • Conducted Climate change awareness program for students,

YPF - Youth Progressive foundation

Managing a center called ”CHILDREN RESOURCE CENTER ”at Vinayakapuram. Throughout the ‘CRC,’ we have conducted many Education activities such as Sinhala, Primary, English, and Computer classes’ for the poorest children in this remote area

Provided 200 Relief Packs to the Victims of COVID-19

Collaborated with the MOH office, Thirukkovil, for the COVID-19 Vaccination Program in 2020

Provided Nutritional Packs to 85 Pregnant women in 2022

Distributed Learning materials for the poorest children in 2021,

Dry ration and some other livelihood items

We have conducted free English classes at Palakkuda and the Vinayakapuram area

Saiulement Tamil Mandram – Switzerland

  • Provided 100 relief packs to the Covid-19 victims of the Indigiloues Community in Kanchirankuda, Thirukkovilin, 2021
  • We provided Learning materials to the poorest children of the Mandanai Area under the Helping Hand for Education.

We have been supporting a Preschool in the Thandiyady area since 2015 to up to now