"Empowerment policy is the key in social, economic and environment sustainability. SEEDA enables women, youth and all stakeholders to make decisions that affect them both at their own level and at higher levels through their own organizations.

Intervention Straregy

Village Based Organization - In order to achieve the vision, mission and goal, the SEEDA works from grass root level upwards, using a federal structure of village-based organizations. By organizing the fishing and farming community in village organizations, it empowers them to tackle together the different challenges that they have faced. These organizations are developed as coops with legal entities for full plagued development.

Members are the decision makers

The Members are the decision - makers and "own" all the therefore are committed to making the entire programme succeed . the Federation uses an integrated approach to address the different challenges the fishery communities. Activities are defined to achieve results on education, health and socio-economic issues, which together should lead to sustainable social and economic living conditions.